Shonte’s Car Fund

Help Shonte get a set of wheels

Claire Accidents & Disasters October 25, 2020 at 4:55 pm
Pledged of $1,000 goal
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My selfless, hard working, and amazing neighbor Shonte, got in an auto accident and is at fault. It happened right outside our apartment complex and an extremely sketchy intersection, where wrecks are all too common.

She works full time and her only means of transportation to her job is the car that is now totaled.

They need to put a light in and lower the speed limit, people get in wrecks here on a regular basis. Really she shouldn’t be at fault, the county of Denver should be at fault for not making the necessary changes to make this a safer intersection.

I am very grateful that she was not hurt in this wreck, her car however is destroyed! Unfortunately, she only had limited liability.

If you are at all able to, please help my amazing friend by donating to this fund. Anything at all is appreciated. Thanks for your concern and interest. Stay safe everyone.

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