Single mom needs abit of help

I would like to pay off my debt or atleast some of it

Carike Family & Kids July 6, 2020 at 10:15 am
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Hi my name is Carike,

I am from south africa,I am a 24yr old single mom.I ran away from my abusive ex ,and ive been raising my daughter by myself,it hasnt been easy ,I have minimal wage job and my salary only covers the room we renting and all my debt,I receive child support from the government but its not enough to buy food for 3 people (my mother stays with us)

I would like to pay off most or some of my debt so that I can stop worrying about what we will eat the next day, the stress has become too much,im getting migraines and im depressed.

I havent been able to put away any money and my little girl has to start school next year..

I dont know what to do anymore and I dont have any family support.


I have 3 loans





Any little bit will help even of u can only help towards food.

You can paypal me @

Or moneygram


Thank you

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