Suzanne Checkley free food packages

Hi all I'm doing free food packages and would like donation please as I want to make sure every one will have the best Christmas ever please get in touch though Facebook suzanne Checkley message me I'm happy to deliver for free thank u xxx

Suzanne Wishes November 23, 2020 at 11:35 am
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Like to give free food packages to each and every one of u the donation will go to wards family that dont have much please donate as much as u can after this year not good as 5th july I was diagnosed with throat cancer and a blockage in my throat then end of August I was diagnosed with a rare disease infection in my stomach swelling all over  then I had bad news as I'm very I'll but doing this makes me happy and keeping me going thank u to each and all for support me doing this please wear a mask stay safe love to u all xxx ps please message if u ever need any think xxxx Please be safe and please wear a mask u are not just protecting you and others to look after each other xxxx get in touch with suzanne Checkley free food packages thank u donate please xxx

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