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Tafadzwa Sports & Competitions June 25, 2020 at 10:29 pm
Pledged of $5,000 goal
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How are you all? My name is Tafadzwa Mapanda. with the help of my father I decided to start a swimming club for children who are not being given a chance because of funds. So what we decided to do was look at the government schools here and we concluded that since there are so many kids who have the potential to swim for Zimbabwe but do not have the opportunity to train at competitive levels, we should start a swimming club that caters for all levels of swimming from baby classes to non-swimmers and advanced swimmers, body toning and fitness,aquarobics, Learn to swim and pensioners swimming to be included too. I had hoped to start in March but due to the Covid-19, I was unable to because of the quarantine time period. I did go to the gofundme website and the Facebook fundraising site and saw that here in Zimbabwe we are not listed to start fundraising.
So now we are looking to raise funds so as to process the affiliation fees with the swimming board here, the tracksuits that the coaches and swimmers will use, the T-shirts they will wear and as a start have the funds to buy chemicals for the first 4 months and finally have some funds to open an account at the bank for the parents to pay for subs.
Please do check out the page on Facebook Les Brown Dolphins and see that we are really serious in upbuilding children who didn’t have the chance to swim at competitive levels
Please feel free to read through the club portfolio

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