Vehicle for work

My last car had the engine seize up. now i walk to and from clients and barrow vehicles to do my work. I found a good vehicle but i cant afford it.

Jessica Personal Emergency October 31, 2020 at 11:23 am
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I use cash app, it is the easiest app for me to use with my phone
the name for it is    $JessicaReveal
so i had a Toyota that i used for my work and recently the engine seized up and broke down. it had to get picked up by junk removal so now i dont have a vehicle.
I am an in home caregiver with two clients. both have transportation needs do to mobility. I have to pick up groceries and do other shopping tasks as well as transport to appointment.
I am needing a cheap running vehicle to be able to perform these task and to make it to and from my clients homes.
I found a vehicle that it the right size to transport clients and there chairs that is running and inexpensive. I dont make enough to outright buy it at most i can do very small payments but due to there own personal issues they cant do that and need the money in full. I would really like to get this vehicle so i can better do my job and not have to walk in the cold weather when the snow hits.
Anything would be much appreciated!

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