Need to fix or get a vehicle that is reliable

Kyli Family & Kids September 4, 2020 at 8:39 pm
Pledged of $7,000 goal
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My transition went out in my only running vehicle last month. I have 2 young children one of which has specalists we go to sees in Missoula MT, Kalispell MT, and Spokane WA. I also have a husband who also has medical issues. To make any of these appointments We have to rely on public transportation during this COVID-19 out break with high risk family members, or any friends that can take us. I do have a job on the opposite side of town. Sometimes I start work at 530am or end at 8pm. It all depends if I open or close. Some of my cowarkers are giving me rides to and or from work so I am not walking. It is dark out, Im alone, and its nearly 2 miles one way through our town each day I work. Soon it is going to snow, and I am in desperate need to replace my transition or come up with money to get a newer vehicle or a down payment for a newer vehicle. Please help me and my family! Every little bit would help to make this goal.

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