Wrongful Conviction

Please help us get justice

Marie Family & Kids October 24, 2020 at 9:54 pm
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My name is Linda Cervantes. My family and I received a verdict Friday morning on October 9th, 2020 for my father Gustavo McDonald. I am looking for any help in seeking justice for my father’s wrongful conviction. He was found guilty of first degree child molestation without evidence, only allegations. The jury ultimately came to a decision that a child cannot differentiate between a dream and reality and found him guilty.

This is a hard time for us because he did not do this, and we must do something about it. He is innocent. There must be more we can do. It’s an injustice. This is a wrongful conviction by the court because they did not accept any testimonials or witnesses to further prove my father’s innocence. They rushed his trial. We’ve spent $40,000 hiring an attorney and provided every single form of evidence/documentation, yet he was still convicted based on allegations while the other party changed their story three times. My dad is 74 years old with a device implanted in his chest to help his heart function due to his heart attacks. Along with many other health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. We all love himdearly and know to our very core that he did not do this. He is not a criminal. He has no record. He has never been in trouble with the law. This was a case with no evidence, no medical documentation with any signs of molestation, it was merely hearsay. We had faith in the system but even with so many testimonials/witnesses to prove that the other party has malicious intentions and ill will behind these charges, testimonials to prove character, a successful polygraph, the system still failed us. The rest of my father’s life cannot be spent in prison for something he did not do. This is wrong and unlawful. It is truly heartbreaking and has impacted our family in the worst ways. Please help us bring light to something that has been kept in the dark and swept under the rug. My dad does not deserve this and neither do we. He is a father, grandfather, great grandfather, husband, an uncle, brother and a man of God who is loved deeply, but most importantly an innocent man.

Thank you, Linda Cervantes.


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