Trust & Safety

At FundGram, trusted & safety is our top priority.

Fraud Detection

We use sophisticated algorithms to monitor data for fraud patterns and quickly identify violations of our Terms of Use.

Community Reporting

We encourage our community to report suspicious activity and voice concerns via commenting on the page and the Contact Us page.

Trust Team

Our in-house team reviews all data and customer feedback closely, and takes appropriate action to protect the integrity of our platform.

For Donors

FundGram is just a technology platform. FundGram tries to verify the information provided by campaigners to the maximum but it is impossible to be 100% accurate. Donors should make a payment only if they personally know and trust the campaigner and/or feel that the cause is genuine.
All transactions made on FundGram are secure with the highest levels of SSL encryption currently available on the Internet. We ensure that our technology is up to date so that your private information is secure.
Easily communicate with fellow donors and the fundraiser creator through comments. Keep an eye out for updates on project progress!
Access online resources for donors at any time, through our Live Chat. Our amazing customer service agents will reply to any support query within 24 hours.

For Campaigners

We work closely with top payment gateways ( PayPal and Stripe) to ensure your funds are processed securely and efficiently.
Engage your donors by communicating with them through comments on the fundraising pages, and frequent updates! This can help you build trust and manage expectations.
Access online resources (Live Chat) for campaigners at any time. Our amazing customer service agents will reply to any support query within 24 hours.